Echoes of Blackburn Meadows (EBM) is a sonic art-walk, which uses the acts of listening and walking to explore memories of the former Blackburn Meadows Power Station from 1921 to the present day.

Following the demolition of the last physical remains of the power station – two cooling towers – during the summer of 2008, EBM seeks to re-animate the wider and more dynamic landscapes of electrical production.

EBM makes audible the spoken memories of former workers of the power station, witnesses to its changing landscapes and oral testimonies from those whose lives were transformed by the advent of electricity. These echoes are joined by audio archival material from the Golden Age of Electricity when the architectures and machines of the power station were emblematic of Sheffield’s period of rapid progress during the middle of the twentieth century. Rather than archiving the power station as another relic consigned to history, EBM allows for memory to be played-out differently, constructed and indeed performed as participants move across the landscape. In so doing, the artwork aims to register the memory-making process as active, situational and subjective; as both affective and performative.

EBM uses solar power transmitters to broadcast sounds via an short-range FM frequency, demonstrating the possibilities of renewable sources of energy.